Review Policy

Hello. I started this blog with the purpose of supporting books and I would love to hear from publishers and authors for the same. The following requirements need to be noted:

-I will accept books under the Fantasy, Contemporary, Thrillers, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult Fiction. Exceptions though possible are rare.

-I cannot guarantee that all requests will be accepted as this blog is maintained in my free time which might prevent me from giving my full attention to all books.

-I will try to respond to your requests but if you do not hear from me for more than 1 month, please accept my sincerest apologies for not accepting your book. It is appreciated if you can refrain from spamming my inbox with multiple requests.

I prefer Ebooks to physical copies in the .epub or .mobi format. You can drop am email for further details.

-After accepting a book, please wait for 3 months time for me to read the book and put up the review. The review will be put on my Blog and Goodreads and will also be promoted on my Twitter.

-You can send the book through Netgalley as well and I promise to put the review.

-My book reviews will be spoiler free and will include all book details, my review and my ratings. My ratings will be as follows:

5 stars|| Loved the book.

4.5 stars|| Really liked it but there are some minor problems or I loved the book but there were some small problems.

4 stars|| I really liked the book but there were some problems with it or I could not fully connect with it.

3.5 stars|| I found execution problems in the book but I liked it or I liked the book but could not connect to it.

3 stars|| It was an okay read. Not great but not bad either.

2.5 stars|| I did not enjoy reading the book and found multiple problems.

2 stars|| I could not enjoy the book at all and found multiple problems which could not be overlooked.

0-1.5 stars|| DNF or I could not like the book at all.

-If a book has a negative review then I will be conveying the same via email to let you decide whether you want it to be published or not.

-I will not be selling or giving away the copies which I have obtained.

-I am also open to host author interviews, giveaways and guest posts but need to be notified well in advance.

-Ii would be appreciated to not interfere with my content, spam me, ask for personal favors,disclose any personal information or assume that just because I have accepted one request I will agree to review other books by the same author.

-I will strictly not entertain any requests which violate the above conditions and have the right to decline an offer without providing any reason for the same.

Thank you for reading the policy and you can contact me through the following:

Email || Twitter || Goodreads