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The ABC Book Challenge-C

Hii Guys!! I am finally catching up on The ABC Book Challenge which I couldn't do because of a busy schedule. Now I am going to do the letter C. The ABC Book challenge is where every week I’ll post a new letter until we get to the letter Z with memorable books I’ve read pertaining… Continue reading The ABC Book Challenge-C

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COVER REVEAL || The Silver Queen-Josie Jaffrey (Sovereign Series #2)

Hii Guys! Today I am going to reveal the cover of The Silver Queen by Josie Jaffrey which is book 2 in the Sovereign Series. Book One, The Gilded King was a great read and I am glad I get the chance to reveal the cover for the second part. You can read my review… Continue reading COVER REVEAL || The Silver Queen-Josie Jaffrey (Sovereign Series #2)

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RakshaBandhan Special: Favourite Book Siblings

Hii Guys!! Happy Sunday. Today in India we celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan in which , traditionally, a sister ties a sacred thread on her brother's wrist in turn the brother vows to protect her. Its symbolic of the love between siblings. It's a day to celebrate your siblings. Over the years, the festival… Continue reading RakshaBandhan Special: Favourite Book Siblings