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BLOG TOUR &REVIEW|| The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng- K.S.Villoso // A stunning and intense conclusion to an incredible series

Synopsis: The stunning finale to the Chronicles of the Bitch Queen trilogy where the queen of a divided land must unite her people against the enemies who threaten to tear her country apart. K. S. Villoso is a “powerful new voice in fantasy.” (Kameron Hurley)

The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen, #3)

Queen Talyien is finally home, but dangers she never imagined await her in the shadowed halls of her father’s castle.

War is on the horizon. Her son has been stolen from her, her warlords despise her, and across the sea, a cursed prince threatens her nation with invasion in order to win her hand.

Worse yet, her father’s ancient secrets are dangerous enough to bring Jin Sayeng to ruin. Dark magic tears rifts in the sky, preparing to rain down madness, chaos, and the possibility of setting her nation aflame.

Bearing the brunt of the past and uncertain about her future, Talyien will need to decide between fleeing her shadows or embracing them before the whole world becomes an inferno.

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Publication Date: 4th May, 2021 (Orbit Books)
Genres: Adult Fantasy
On-Page Rep: Filipino, victim of emotional abuse and gaslighting
Trigger Warnings: Ableistic language (not direct, relayed from Yeshin), Death, Cutting of Limbs, Violence Against Children, Threatening Child, Described Blood, Animal Cruelty, Misogyny, Rape (off screen),Emotional Abuse, Lifechanging Injury, Execution, Torture, Mutilation of Corpses, Gore, Probably decapitation

Ratings: 5/5

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The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng is a stunning and intense conclusion to The Bitch Queen Chronicles. The Wolf of Oren-Yaro and The Ikessar Falcon were so good but I feel this part might be my favourite so far because it’s so beautifully done. This review will be spoiler free!

You can read my review for the first two books here:
The Wolf of Oren-Yaro      – The Ikessar Falcon

The Story and Plot

The story follows right after The Ikessar Falcon and we are thrown right into the midst of the mess. I was engrossed right from page one. The story took a lot of twists and turns and it kept me on the edge because it was intense but at the same time I could not stop reading it. Even after three books, K.S.Villoso manages to surprise us with the plot and keep you just as interested. It was thrilling and painful and truly so well done. This was a book I knew I was going to love but it still managed to surprise me and make me love it so much more.

The politics and the drama are so good and I don’t want to spoil but honestly I am so in love with how well this series handles so many themes such as friendship, motherhood, betrayals and family, a villain to be reckoned with and mix all this with chaos and an engrossing story, The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng is a winner.

The Characters

Talyien has gone through so much and this book is not kind to her either but the tremendous growth in her character from book one is amazing. Thinking about the journey she goes through will get you emotional. I loved how we see the different sides to her and it’s like going through it with her as she finds out who she is and what she truly wants. One of my favourite characters Khine remains my favourite and it’s absolutely beautiful to read how well his character grows.

Rayyel somehow manages to get more annoying and I also really hate Yeshin (so much). There’s lots of old and new characters which make an appearance and I love how well a part they all play in the book. A big cast of characters which bring just more chaos as the story progresses made for a super entertaining read.

The World Building and Writing

We see even more of all the nations in this book and the beautiful writing made for a good imagery. While reading it, the one thought which was constant was how well this series would look on screen. The descriptions and the setting were all top notch. The one thing I have always loved about this series is how vast and detailed the world was. It does not get boring but it pulls you in and it’s always a treat to read such books.  

Overall, I don’t think any words can do much justice to this series. The Chronicles of the Bitch Queen is a book whose protagonist is a mother, a wife and a queen battling it out and trying to come out of chaos and mess. A world which constantly undermines her and still expects too much from her. It’s a story about survival and love. Its also a story about the struggles a woman goes through and the expectations of one’s parents. Talyien’s story of fighting the world, the responsibilities her father left her and more importantly the fight with herself: this book does all this and more and does it beautifully. It was painful and heartbreaking and everything I could ask from this conclusion.

Thank you to Caffeine Book Tours and Orbit Books for making me part of the tour and providing me with an ARC of the book!


Author (KS Villoso)

K.S. Villoso was born in a dank hospital on an afternoon in Albay, Philippines, and things have generally been okay since then. After spending most of her childhood in a slum area in Taguig (where she dodged death-defying traffic, ate questionable food, and fell into open-pit sewers more often than one ought to), she and her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where they spent the better part of two decades trying to chase the North American Dream. She is now living amidst the forest and mountains with her family, children, and dogs in Anmore, BC.

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