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2020 Book Blogger Award Nominations

Hello everyone! I am so excited for today’s post and to shout out some of my fave bloggers for the Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards. I am really glad I could make this post on time since I’ve been a little busy.

These are some amazing bloggers who I love and recommend always and whose work always makes me happy. There are so many amazing bloggers out there with all the amazing work they do that it’s not possible to fit them all but just know that I love and cherish each one of you!

Also the biggest shoutout to May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books for hosting these awards and doing such awesome work. So here we go!


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

For this award I’m nominating Charvi @ Not Just Fiction because I absolutely adore her blog and all the amazing work she does. She is super sweet and her content, both on her blog and Instagram, is super amazing.

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

I’m nominating Kate @ Your Tita Kate for this! Kate’s content is so good, well thought out and I just love all her reviews and posts so much. Her latest post about Balancing Blogging and Work was so good plus she does the absolute most in the community.


Young Adult

I’m nominating Michelle @ Magical Reads for this! Michelle reads all genres but I truly love her YA recs! She has read so many books and always seems to have the best YA recs!

New Adult / General Adult

I’m nominating Sahi @ My World of Books for this. Sahi reads all genres but I just ADORE her NA and Adult genre book reviews and recommendations. I know that if I ever need a book recommendation in this genre, Sahi will always have the best ones!


For this I’m nominating Maha @ Sunshine n Books. I only recently started following Maha but I love her romance recs so much. I have added so many romance books in my TBR because of her and her post recommending some amazing books is also so great!

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Whenever I think sci-fi and fantasy, Nandini @ Novels and Nebulas comes to mind! Her blog is focused on this genre plus it has such a good aesthetic. Every time I need a sci-fi book I know Nandini will be able to give me the best recommendations and I truly adore her content so much.

Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry

For this I’m nominating Shruti @ This is Lit. Shruti’s reviews are amazing and so is her knowledge about literary fiction. I trust her recommendations and I know that if she says a book is good, it will definitely be good.


Best Book Reviews

For this I’m nominating Ikram @ Readlogy ! Her reviews are so well-written and well thought out and I adore how put together it all seems. Her reviews always give the best insight and knowledge about a book.

Best Book Recommendations

This is hands-down CW, Skye and Joce @ The Quiet Pond. Their book recommendations have always worked for me and I have come to know so many new books through their book news as well. If The Quiet Pond likes a book, I know I will love it too.

Best Discussion Posts

For this I’m nominating Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea. Caitlin’s discussion posts are always such a delight to read and she is such a good writer and can put her thoughts across well. I am always looking forward to reading her posts!

Best Blog Aesthetic

This is going to be Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany for me! I LOVE Tiffany’s aesthetic so much. Her soft,pink and warm vibes are the best and her bookstagram is also so pretty. Whenever I think of aesthetic, it’s always Tiffany’s blog which comes to mind.

Best Blogging/Writing Voice

For this I’m nominating Rain @ Bookdragonism. Rain’s posts are super fun to read and her enthusiasm and love for books always comes across so well and reading her posts always manage to put a smile on my face.


Most Helpful (someone who posts thoughtful blogging guides/advice)

Kal @ Reader Voracious is the most helpful. I love her spreadsheets so much and she is always ready to help everyone and give advice about blogging. She is so approachable and I truly love all the work she does.

Most Supportive (someone who always shares others’ posts in wrap-ups/has kind comments/boosts other bloggers with initiatives, etc.)

I’m nominating Sara @ Words with Wings for this. Sara is such a sweet person and she is always boosting bloggers with kind words. I know that if my blog has a comment from Sara, it will the one which will put a smile on my face.

Most Engaged in the Community 

I’m nominating Noura @ The Perks of Being Noura for this! I love how active and engaged Noura is. She is always so supportive and engaging with everyone’s content and this really makes me love everything she does!

Most Creative (creative/original posts)

I’m going to nominate Divine @ READ(D)IVINE. Divine’s post are awesome. I am always in awe of how well thought out her posts are and how creative they are. I particularly love her posts: My Struggles in Promoting Diverse Books, Why the Act of Reading does not absolve anyone of Atrocity

Best Social Media Influencer

This is definitely Simant @ Flipping Thru the Pages for me. Sim does it all, blog, bookstagram and twitter and she does it amazing. I love her blog content and I love her bookstagram so much too. And she does all this while working full time and having a very cute baby. I adore her!

Best Personality

I’m going to nominate Em @ Em’s Bookish Musings for this. Em has a very intimidating vibe but she is literally the sweetest and I adore all the amazing work she does on her blog and her twitter and bookstagram.

Friendliest Member of the Community

For this, I’m nominating Fanna from @ Fannatality. Fanna is the friendliest and most supportive. She is always ready to help and hype you and she is so encouraging and amazing.

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

This is hands-down Fadwa @ Word Wonders. I adore all the amazing work Fadwa does for promoting diverse books right from her Color the Shelves series to her gorgeous makeup looks and I have come to know of so many books through her blog. I truly adore her so much.

Best Overall Book Blogger [two winners!]

Best New Book Blogger 

I’m nominating Lauren and Orianna @ Love Yo Shelf. I love Love Yo Shelf’s amazing content and Lauren and Orianna so much! I think they deserve all the love and praise and I think you all should definitely be following them and their amazing blog!

Best Overall Blogger

I’m nominating Lili @ Utopia State of Mind for this. I LOVE Lili and her work in the community so much. Her bookstagram is beautiful, her IG Lives, makeup looks plus she is so supportive and helpful. I love her content and she deserves all the praise.

This brings me to the end! This was definitely a long list and please don’t feel bad if you do not see yourself in the list! It’s been a long day and I was probably having difficulty where to put you. You’re amazing and the work and content you create is amazing and I hope you all know that! 

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Did you nominate your favourite bloggers ?

Do you want to shout-out some of your faves? Tell me about it!!

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19 thoughts on “2020 Book Blogger Award Nominations

  1. Ahhh what an incredible selection of book bloggers, Krisha! So many bloggers I adore on your list. thank you so, so much for taking the time to spread some blogging love and to nominate them!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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