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WOVEN IN BOOKS||Interview with Kate from Your Tita Kate talking about books and everything related

Hello friends! Today for Woven In Books we have an awesome and very interesting blogger talking about books, blogging and the effort which goes behind the scenes. Today we have Kate from Your Tita Kate! Kate is a terrific blogger and she does so much amazing work for the book community. So without further ado, read on!

Hello Kate and welcome to Woven in Books. I am so glad to have you on the blog today as you’re an inspiration to me and so many others for all the amazing work you do in the book blogging community. Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions!

What would you say is the greatest satisfaction of being a book blogger?

Being able to share my thoughts and opinions on books and knowing that people will listen, will read and/or not read something based on what I say. It’s a wonderful feeling, but it’s also a huge responsibility.

You’re active on your blog, booktube, bookstagram and Twitter? Tell us the work which goes in behind the scenes of managing all this with a full-time job?

A lot of time management. I’m constantly referring to a variety of tools: my planner, Excel spreadsheets, the notes on my phone. It’s absolutely wild. When a post goes live on my blog or booktube, you can be sure hours of planning have gone into it. It’s a little easier to tweet and post on my bookstagram, so I’m a little more easygoing with that. But you can be sure that when it comes to my job, my WIP, my blog, and my booktube, I religiously stick to a very well planned out schedule.

In our constantly busy lives, it can be very difficult to stay motivated. What would you say motivates you?

I genuinely love interacting with people! I get a rush every time someone responds to or comments on my stuff and it gets a conversation going. I know this is probably rare for the bookish community but I honestly identify as an extrovert. I really love talking to and getting to know people, so that really motivates me into staying consistent with my posting and engagement!

What are three things you would say to someone wanting to start a booktube? (Most people find that platform very daunting)

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If the video is shaky, if your editing skills aren’t that great, if you don’t have a top of the line camera, if you don’t have the ubiquitous white bookshelves with Funko Pops and fairy lights – don’t worry about it. If you’re genuinely happy and enthusiastic in your videos, I promise you, people won’t care. 
  2. Keep in mind that booktube is a platform that is inherently easier to access by incredibly privileged people. Don’t compare yourself to any of them. You do you!
  3. If you need to take a break, take a break. No content creation or platform is worth you sacrificing your peace of mind or health!

Now onto something less serious!

Which fictional characters would you choose to spend a day with?

It’s a toss-up between Queen Talyien of The Wolf of Oren-Yaro and Kaul Shae from Jade City. I’d like to talk to them about governance and strategy, followed by a quick sparring session! (Although I feel like they’d both kick my ass handily.)

Which book have had the most influence on your growth personally and as a book blogger and why?

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco was the first fantasy book I’d ever read that didn’t feature white people/white culture and it was also the first book I read that was written by a Filipino who was still based here in the Philippines. That book gave me so much hope – as a reader, it made me want and actively look for more diverse reads; as an aspiring author, it made me realize that moving to the US/UK is not a prerequisite for being traditionally published.

Which is your favourite cuisine and do you know how to cook it?

I’m biased toward Filipino cuisine, of course. But I also deeply enjoy Chinese! And yes, I know how (and love) to cook! My favourite dishes to make are sinigang with salmon, fried dumplings, and stir fry!

Which is a trope which will make you read a book immediately? And which trope do you stay away from? 

I adore rivals-to-lovers, bodyguard romance, court/political intrigue, oh my god they were roommates, and there’s only one bed!

On the other hand, I tend to stay away from love triangles. 

Lastly, shout-out some of your favourite diverse books!

The Never-Tilting World by Rin Chupeco

My Fate According to the Butterfly by Gail D. Villanueva

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S. Villoso

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay

Everlasting Nora by Marie Cruz

Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles

Thank you so much for this, Kate.

Kate is a book blogger, bookstagrammer and booktuber from Philippines. She champions intersectionality and diversity.

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10 thoughts on “WOVEN IN BOOKS||Interview with Kate from Your Tita Kate talking about books and everything related

  1. I adore rivals-to-lovers, bodyguard romance, court/political intrigue, oh my god they were roommates, and there’s only one bed!

    *slams fist on table* YES TO ALL OF THESE~!
    I am so happy to see you interviewing one of my favorite people in the community, Krisha!

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