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The Birthday Q&A // Welcoming the next year by social distancing

Hello friends!! As you’ll can take away from the title of the post, today is my birthday! I am turning 21! The last year was full of ups and downs and surprises and changes and I am happy that I survived through it all. The situations right now are not safe so I will be at home having a social distance party. I hope everyone is at home and practicing social distancing to save yourself, your loved ones and literally everyone else! I had definitely planned an eventful birthday but the precautions are important and I am definitely glad of it. I will be eating and reading and maybe take some bookstagram pictures while I am at it. This is definitely a birthday I will always remember!!!

I decided to do a Q&A for today and I asked on Twitter for any questions and I got some really awesome ones! So read on to find out some interesting stuff!

Em asked:

What got you into reading?

It felt right to start with this question because it definitely makes for an interesting story! When I was in Kindergarten, around 5-6 years old, the teacher told my parents that I wasn’t able to speak English clearly and hence they should start making me read more. So that’s how it started. I honestly can’t remember a time I did not read. I started with fairytales and went on to mystery novels like Famous Five, Secret Seven, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I read Harry Potter in the sixth grade and that’s what got me into fantasy. Fantasy remains my favourite genre till date 🙂

Fanna asked: 

What made you excited enough to start blogging about books? Any blogs you took inspiration from?

My sister-in-law is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and that’s how I was introduced to the world of blogs and content creation. I actually did not know we could actually do something like this. So that’s when I started researching and started my own blog. I was still not as serious so wouldn’t post regularly and only became consistent in the last year around.

There are quite a few blogs I read back then but a lot of them have changed or stopped since then. But the one’s I remember are: Shruti’s This is Lit, Shealea’s blog and Nandini’s blog Novels and Nebulas (used to look up to her since Unputdownable days). They were the ones I followed religiously and felt inspired by.

Nandini asks:

How do you manage studies and blogging?

Most of the times, I don’t!! After a lot of trial and errors, I learned to make a schedule which suits me and which is highly flexible. I try not to pressure myself to post. During weekends, I try to write atleast one post so I have something to post. This helps to stay on top of stuff for me.

How do you manage mental health and blogging?

Blogging can take quite a mental toll. Not a lot of people understand how stressful it can get to post and the anxiety over ARCs, views and what not. So it’s important to know the importance of not putting anything over your mental health. If there are times, when I just don’t feel like posting, I just don’t. I have learned not to feel guilty about it. This helps to stay sane through all this. It also helps to talk to other book bloggers because all of us know what this feels like.

How do you maintain a consistent Bookstagram feed?

The one thing which really helped me get a consistent feed is maintaining one theme for all my photos. I played around with the type of photos which I liked and more importantly which I could take easily. Once it suits you, you can decide the further edits and overall looks. It helps to take stock photos whether you post them immediately or not. Sometimes when you cant’t take photos, those saved photos might help. And if 1 or 2 photos do seem out of grid, it’s fine! I try not to fret over it much or else it can get very stressful.

Charvi asks:

Do you prefer series or standalones?

This is pretty difficult to choose tbh. But I think for some reason I do love series. I really like standalones but series have that continuity where you can fully emerge yourself in a bookish world for 3-4 books which I feel is just beautiful. Although waiting for next parts does get difficult!

If you had to pit your favorite hero against your favorite villain, what would happen?

Oh my God, this is such an interesting question. My favourite is a heroine from The Bone Witch series named Tea and also Esmae from A Spark of white fire. My favourite villain is Ayt Mada from Jade City. All these fierce women battling it out would probably result in the world ending because god save anyone who faces them.

Arina asks:

If you could write a story (book, short, etc) what would it be?

I don’t really view myself as a writer but I think if I had to, I would definitely start with a short story.

What are some of the books that you feel have represented you seamlessly?

The Bone Witch series by Rin Chupeco and the Celestial trilogy by Sangu Mandanna. These series with their angry, morally grey heroines with their flaws and strength inspire me. The main core of these stories is the loyalty to yourself and to the people around you. Revenge stories along with love, loyalty and friendship is what makes these books perfect for me.

Have you done buddy reads and if so why? What do you feel they are helpful with?

I have only done 1-2 buddy reads till now because it was a review copy and there were quite two of my other friends who go it too so we read it together, Buddy reads are fun because you’re not alone in reading it. After every chapter you can discuss and scream about the book. It also helps with accountability. Hence, I definitely love doing buddy reads!

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Thank you for your questions! Is there anything else you want to ask? You can do so in the comments below or you can just drop in on Twitter or Instagram to say Hi! The last year was full of learning for me and I can see a change in myself from last year. This year is particularly difficult for all of us and I hope we can come out of this stronger and safer.

Stay at home and stay safe everyone! I hope you’ll have a great day! 

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21 thoughts on “The Birthday Q&A // Welcoming the next year by social distancing

  1. Happy belated birthday Krisha! I’m glad you had a positive outlook on your social distancing birthday–with these new times ahead of us, it can be really dispiriting to think of social events as only being indoors and with six feet between us. Hopefully the month of April goes well for you and you get some good reading in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your answer on mental health and blogging, the pressure to post, the pressure for views and OMG the ARC pressure.
    Stock photos is a fantastic idea and you’re right about experimenting a little before finding your groove with Bookstagram.
    OMG WE NEED TO BUDDY READ. Love your The Bone Witch series readathon is coming up right?April?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Birthday, Krisha! Loads of love to you ❤ This post was so much fun to read; I got to know more about you and your blogging, what more could I have asked for? I'm not surprised you were inspired by Shruti and Nandini, they both are genuinely amazing. Maintaining a bookstagram theme is so difficult but I like your idea of sticking with what's easy and favourite. I love buddy reads too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Fanna!! And yes Shruti and Nandini definitely inspire us all. And yes bookstagram took a long time for me to figure out what I finally like! We definitely have to buddy read a book soon 💛💛


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