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Woven In Books // A 2020 year long Feature to celebrate diverse books, authors and creators

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Hello friends!! As you know, I am an avid supporter and advocate of diverse books. This year by participating in the Year of Asian Reading Challenge I also consciously read more books by Asian authors and found some of my life long favourite books! I thought about wanting to do something with which I could help spread the love and hype for diverse books more!

Today I come to you’ll with a very exciting project that I have been working on since the past few months: WOVEN IN BOOKS. This is a 2020 year long project which is close to my heart and I really hope you’ll enjoy it just as much I did planning it. Read ahead to find out what it is all about!

Woven In Books is a feature to focus and celebrate diverse books, authors and creators. Every Week two to three diverse books will be recommended by YOU. I invite all of you to guest post and recommend your favourite/underrated diverse books, series or graphic novels. It could be of any genre you’d like: non-fiction, fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, romance or sci-fi. The aim is to recommend atleast a 100 diverse books in 2020 and hype them up and spread word about their excellence.


(In case it doesn’t work, you can click the link here to fill in the google form)

Every month I will also be inviting authors of colour to talk about their books and some amazing diverse creators who are book bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers and everything in between.

I have been actively reading more diverse books this year and become more aware about the issues and problems around it too. As an advocate of diverse books, I want to try and do as much as I can to bring this books to the readers’ notice and hype them up the way they deserve. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and I am hoping that people would participate and help in spreading the love about diverse books.

Make sure to fill in the google form. It is fine if you’re not completely sure about which books you’d want to post, we can brainstorm and decide together as well! I really hope more and more people can sign up! You can comment here, DM me on Twitter or email me for any questions you may have!

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Will you be participating in Woven in Books 2020 ?

Are there some favourite authors or creators you would like to see on Woven in Books ? Tell me about it!

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25 thoughts on “Woven In Books // A 2020 year long Feature to celebrate diverse books, authors and creators

  1. Krisha, I’m commenting on this so late, but I’m SO PUMPED for this. I’m filling out the form right after I post this comment! It’s amazing that you’ve started a project like this—it’ll undoubtedly be so important and uplifting. I’m so excited to keep on reading and boosting diverse novels!

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  2. I am shockingly bad when it comes to figuring out the nationality/ethnicity of an author. I tend to focus so much on whether the story is good or not that it doesn’t even cross my mind. I think if I were to try and do this I’d spend so long stressing etc (I’m also shockingly bad at Googling stuff) that I’d be hopeless. I’m looking forward to seeing some of those recommendations though!

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  3. Ahh I’m so happy you’ve decided to do this 😍 This feature is gonna be amazing for all the diverse readers, authors and their books. Love the idea! 💕 Going to fill out the form ASAP and well, as for who I would like to see: definitely some south-asian writers like Sangu Mandanna, Roshani Chokshi, Nandini Bajpai, Nisha Sharma, Cauvery Madhavan, Shweta Thakrar, Swati Teerdhala, Aparna Sanyal and many more 🙈 All the best!!! 💖

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