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Book Characters I Would Love To Be Friends With

Hii Guys! Its after the longest time that I am doing a Top Ten Tuesday and I am so glad because today’s topic is a super fun one – Book Characters I would love to be friends with! Every time we read a book , there are certain characters to whom we can relate to. Characters who we feel would become our best friends. Some of the characters who I could be great friends with are:

Laila from The Gilded Wolves

I love Laila and I genuinely feel we would be good friends. I love dancing and baking so we could do that and occasionally talking about how lame Severin is being!

Shae, Wen and Hilo from Jade City

Shae is #BossBabe and I would really just love to know her. She is such a complicated person but at the same time she is so genuine and loyal to her family and I know she would be such a great friend. Wen is Amazing personified and Hilo would definitely be the lame jokester and I would definitely love to know them.

Zaynab from Love from A to Z

Zaynab and I would be the the friends who would always be calling on people’s bullshit, ranting about this patriarchal, misogynistic society and racism and be exposing racist professors.

Jamshid from Daevabad Trilogy

Jamshid is one of my favourites from this series. He is nice, sweet, loyal and brave person and he is definitely going to such a great friend who will always support you and cheer you on.

Rhiannon from The Right Swipe

Rhi is the kind of person I would not only love to have as a friend but also as a colleague. She is a smart, feisty and shrewd and simply awesome.

Esmae-A Spark of White Fire

Personally, I think I would be the mum friend for Esmae. She is the angry, reckless girl and I would be supporting her 100% but at the same time also reminding her to rest and stay hydrated.

Alex, Henry and their squad- Red, White and Royal Blue

I just love their group so much. Such loving, fun and good people who will be your support and show you how to have fun while you’re at it.

Tea- The Bone Witch series

I don’t know if Tea and I would be good friends or not because a) she’s amazing and has a very happening life and b) she’s got a lot of things going on for her. But I would love to be her friend, support her and celebrate her because she definitely deserves it.

Blythe- The Black Veins

Blythe is amazing and her loyalty to her family, working in a cute cafe and being utterly loyal and loving to the Guardians family is something I would relate to and I think we would be great friends.

Mehr- Empire of Sand

Mehr is one of the most exquisite dancers I have read about and honestly I would just love to have a dance session with her. She would definitely be a great and loyal friend and I think we all can agree that she would love to have some friends too!

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  • Which book characters would be your friends ?

  • Do we have any in common ?

  • Which characters you could not be friends with ?

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