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Thoughts I Have When I See A Cafe With Books

Hii Guys! Today I am (finally!!) doing a prompt for Off Tangent Thoughts which is bookish meme started by the lovely Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. I am very excited to write this fun post. Today’s topic is Thoughts I have when I see a cafe with books.

We all go pretty crazy when we see books anywhere but I love it when I see a cafe or a restaurant have books. I went to a cafe which had book shelves on all its walls. Another time I went to a restaurant once which has bookshelves between the tables in the form of section dividers and I was just overjoyed at that beautiful way of space designing.

On both these occasions my thoughts went like this:

  • OH MY GOD ARE THOSE BOOKS *heart eyes*
  • wow wow wow wow wow
  • can I just go and touch them
  • Books and food ? LUCKY DAY
  • What genres are they?
  • *touches the book and strokes the cover lovingly*
  • Let’s take atleast 25 photos of the books
  • Another 25 of me with the books
  • Ooh the smell of books
  • Me while saying goodbye: *looking around and trying to say bye to every book*

I walked out of both these places with the biggest smiles on my face. I really love these places which have books as those instantly become a good experience for me.

Untitled design

  • What are your thoughts when you go in such a place? 

  • Do you have such places where you stay ?

  • Do you go crazy at such places or are you more of an internal screamer? 

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts I Have When I See A Cafe With Books

  1. Oh my god, BOOKSHELVES ON ALL THE WALLS ?! take me there !!
    Though my café I work at has a free little library thing, it’s quite a small shelf.. I kind of always wanna take a picture of it but then again- might not be appropriate since you know, I work there 😂 I hardly see myself explain to my boss like “yeah erm .. can I just… it’s for my book blog!!”.

    hehe loved to read your reactions xx

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