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10 Tropes/Reasons which make me dislike a book

Hii Guys! Happy May. My exams are finally done and I can get back to reading some great books now. Today I decided to write about certain things, themes, characteristics which make me dislike a book. I love reading people’s reviews on different books and their views and opinions. There are certain books which you might love but others don’t and it can get really interesting to read why.

For me I think one of the biggest letdowns can be draggy books. I love reading big books obviously but when a book is dragged on and on I feel it reduces the charm of the whole book for me. Certain times there will be plots which are filled to the brim with information and it gets too boring. One recent read for me was King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. The first part of the book felt a lot and filled with so much information and it kind of reduced the charm of the whole book for me.


Another reason can be when there are cringey love triangles. I won’t say I hate love triangles completely but a lot of books have these just to add some extra drama and they just end up making the story messy and that is not something I like.The only exception to this is The Infernal Devices.

I am also not the biggest fan of love at first sight. Unless it’s written exceptionally beautifully, I just can’t ever seem to get convinced by it. The slow burn romance, the getting to know each other process is what makes the book really interesting for me. Prime example of this is Always Forever Maybe by Anica Mrose Rissi which is insta love.


The next thing would be books which have a token diverse character. You know those ones who are there just because they want the “diversity tag”. They will either play a side character or a best friend someone not that important. Sometimes they will be the first ones to die. Also found in a lot of LGBTQ+ representation where they introduce this character just so they can say that they have a gay character. This is them trying to be “woke”.


Next thing would be authors writing cringe female character descriptions. “Honey eyes, curve of the stomach, pink lips” – I hate it. This is the equivalent of taking a stock photo and applying it to every situation in the world.

There is no such thing as ideal beauty and it would be really great if more and more books depicted that. 

I also hate when there are stalker guys who turn out to be sweethearts just because they are good looking. Like no that is a stalker. Period.


Another thing I dislike in a book is when parents or the guardians are just…absent. They are oblivious to whatever is happening in their child’s adventurous life. I think for me this is personally very annoying because I could never relate to it growing up in an Asian household where you can’t just walk in and out of the house as you wish.

I also do not like reading  (increasingly so nowadays) about girls against girls tropes. I do not like girls fighting , arguing, being better than the other, being body shamed or being called names for wearing short clothes or makeup. Pitting girls against each other for trivial reasons and drama is getting too old. I like my women characters empowered and supporting each other.


One other thing is when the insecure or introverted characters are asked to change or open up more or they magically change after they meet the love interest and they “help” these characters to become “more beautiful.” These harm the readers especially teens more than one can imagine and I would love if this trope is used less.

These reasons are it for now. What are some tropes which you hate? Do we have any in common? Tell me about it!! I would love to hear your thoughts on it!!




26 thoughts on “10 Tropes/Reasons which make me dislike a book

  1. Love this post!!! Agree with so many of your tropes – especially love at first sight – drives me crackers!! You’ve inspired me to write my own post on what I don’t like in a book now ☺☺

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  2. I 1000% agree with draggy books — sometimes I feel like it takes 84 years to read 70 pages, and sorry but reading shouldn’t be like that. Funny enough that was my experience with Six of Crows; I’ve decided Bardugo’s writing style just isn’t for me.

    Ya girl loves a slow burn as much as the next person but I have read some really well written insta-love stories by definition that felt slow-burn, if that makes sense? Like it feels like a long time and that the feelings developed naturally but really the book took place over the course of 5 days so technically it’s still kinda love-at-first sight?

    Poor dialog or books that are mostly dialog drive me up a wall. I love character driven stories and it is really hard for me to get invested when it is just talking. But my biggest pet peeve is probably the damsel in distress or the guy that is only there to white knight. UGH!

    Great post!

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    1. Yes for me King of Scars was that way. I loved Six of Crows but was not feeling KoS.

      That is a great point. I am sure there are some good ones out there but I haven’t really come across some amazing insta love I guess.

      Agreed. Damsel in distress is getting pretty old and boring now. I like when there is a good balance of plot and characters.

      Thank you so much💛😊

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  3. I agree with a lot of these, but wow THE LAST ONE! OMG that bothers me the most because I AM an anxious introvert and have never been in a relationship and it angers me so much that society still thinks you have to have one to be normal and happy. 😡 I kinda felt like To All the Boys did this too which is why I disliked it and thought it was so overrated. :/

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  4. I like your picks. I agree with love triangles 100%. The Infernal Devices is the only love triangle I enjoy.

    I’d have picked hypocritical characters, best friends who think they know better what main character wants or “You’re only my best friend but then you start showing interest with another guy so I’m suddenly interested”. I actually prefer love at first sight over friends to lovers. I know it’s unpopular opinion 🙊

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  5. So many of your points I was like ‘yesss!’ It drives me nuts the way the women are all flawless and the descriptions are insane because if you asked someone what another person looked like they’re not going to go on and on about honey dipped hair and golden sun kissed skin haha. And ugh love triangles and love at first sight…so much nodding through this post

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  6. I agree with most of them… I don’t really mind instalove as long as I feel convinced 😜😜😜 I love this post !!!
    And I never really gave much thought to your last point about introverted characters being forced to change but I think you are so very right… I’m going to keep it in mind next time I read such a book 👍👍

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    1. Yes it’s actually a common pattern forcing ppl to change just because they’re not extroverted.
      And yes very rarely does insta love convince me but I am always open to try.
      Thank youu💛🌹🌻

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  7. Yes to all of these!! I agree with books being overly cheesy or overly creepy. I sometimes get to the point where I just can’t even read the book any more if I find myself constantly rolling my eyes at the contents!

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  8. Definitely, agree with some of these. Some of these are definitely overused and I feel like sometimes authors put them in their put when they don’t need to be there. Even though they do annoy me, it doesn’t really stop me from reading the book.

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  9. I love this post so much and I agree with all of these! Especially the girls against girls thing, I’m so tired of seeing girls in books hate each other for no reason. Female friendships and girls supporting girls is everything ❤️

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