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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY|| 20 Things About Me

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Hii Guys! Happy Monday to everyone and a happy birthday to me!! Yes, it is my birthday today in case the title isn’t telling enough. I am really grateful for being able to celebrate another beautiful year. I am being a little basic here by sharing 20 things about me but I have never actually done it so I thought today would be a great day to share. I love reading such posts about other bloggers and I hope you’ll enjoy reading this too.

  1. I am crazy about fries! They are my soul food and I could eat them three times a day and enjoy them. I love all types of fries but I think my favourite would be the McD piri piri fries. 
  2. I am currently in my second year of uni and studying accounting and finance.
  3. I love flowers and my favorites are roses and sunflowers. 
  4. I recently got my first tattoo which is a rose with the word strength written along its stem. 
  5. I love dancing and I am trained in level one of Kathak, which is an Indian classical dance. 
  6. I love timeliness. I hate not being on time. 
  7. I gravitate towards white coloured clothes the most. Half my wardrobe is white. 
  8. I sleep with a blanket every night irrespective how hot or cold it is. 
  9. I started my reading life with The Famous Five and I only read mystery novels for the next 5-6 years after that which included The Secret Seven, The Five find-outers, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Agatha Christie
  10. Harry Potter was the first series I read when I was in sixth grade and after that I loved series so much that I read Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices among others. 
  11. I played the piano while growing up but could never learn it completely. I always hope that I can learn it fully someday. 
  12. My favourite cake other than chocolate is red velvet. A lot of times I would prefer red velvet over chocolate.
  13. The last book which made me scream and which I love with all my heart is Descendant of the Crane by Joan He. Make sure you’ll check it out.
  14. My favourite show of all time is Brooklyn nine nine. I love all the characters and it is my favourite stress buster. 
  15. My favourite genre of movies in rom-com. Princess Diaries, Legally Blonde and Clueless are three of my top movies of all times. There is also this Bollywood movie called Zindagi na Milegi Dobara ( You live only once) which is my favourite.
  16.  I love fruits and strawberries are my favourite fruit. 
  17. I love MCU and my favourite is Thor ( I can’t help but mention that I love all of them so much )
  18. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell is one of my most anticipated read of this year and its prequel Carry On is my favourite book of all time!! 
  19. Pride and Prejudice is the first classic I read ( I think) and it remains my favourite book till date. 
  20. I love collecting bookmarks from different cities and countries. Whenever my brother and sister-in-law visit someplace new or I do I collect a bookmark from that place. 

Well, I hope you’ll had fun reading and knowing a bit about me. I also want to thank all my readers and fellow bloggers for supporting and loving my blog. 

Do we have anything in common? Anything you’d like to ask me? Do let me know in the comments 🙂



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