Top Ten Tuesdays

TTT|| Characters I’d like to switch places with for a day

Hii Guys! Happy Tuesday. Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is: bookish characters I’d like to switch places with. This is an interesting topic because whenever we read a book, we always try to imagine us in that scenario so to actually switch places can be quite intriguing. I am tweaking it a bit to switch places only for a day!

So the characters are:

Hermione Granger-Harry Potter series

I love Hermione and she is a great role model for me. So I think it would be really fun for me if I get to switch places with her for a day and also get to spend the day with Harry and Ron with all the books and magic.


Tessa Gray-Infernal Devices trilogy

I think one of the main reasons for me to choose Tessa is for her love of books and getting to explore the Victorian era. It doesn’t hurt if Will and Jem join too!!


Tella-Caraval series

I would really like to live a day and play the Caraval games and experience that whole magic.


Maya-Dreamer  You can check out my blog tour for this book here) 

This is a book I read recently and I would like to switch places with Maya. She is a smart girl and the True Dreamer studying Astrology in college and I think that would make for a really interesting day.


Poppet- The Night Circus

Growing up in the circus and experiencing the whole magic and awesomeness definitely sounds super cool.


Laila-The Gilded Wolves

Laila was my favourite character from The Gilded Wolves and I absolutely love her. It would be super fun to get to switch places with her and spend time with the whole gang and be able to bake tasty treats!


Cath Avery-Fangirl 

Cath is super fun and an amazing fanfiction writer. I would love to switch places with her just so that I could write as well as her atleast for a day.


 Shae-Jade City

I loved Shae in the Jade City and although it would be extremely stressful to be a part of the No Peak clan even for a day, I think it would be fun and super happening.


Lila-Shades of Magic series

I love Lila so much! She’s amazing and unapologetically badass and I just adore her and it would be super fun to switch places with her for a day.

So which character would you like to switch places with for a day, if you could? Do we have any in common ? Tell me about it !! 



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