Review|| Samhain- Rebecca Kenney ( Secrets of the Fae #3)

Synopsis: Aislinn and her friends have escaped the druids’ stronghold, but the fight isn’t over. At Samhain, the veil between the worlds will be thinner than ever, and the new leader of the druids has a terrifying plan that could mean deadly consequences for humans and Fae alike.

Tortured with visions of Samhain, Zane struggles to adjust to college life and to his new ability, which could be the key to defeating the druids for good. At the same time, he helps Wynnie begin to recover from her years of abuse with the druids.

With Samhain just weeks away, Aislinn and Kieran face another challenge— fulfilling their bargain with the three Fates, the Morrigna, before time runs out.

Ratings: 4/5


Review: Samhain is the third and final book in the Secrets of the Fae series. My review for the first two books can be found here: Korrigan | Druid

Samhain was really great and a perfect ending of the book. It did not feel stretched at any point which is something I really liked. The story moves forward after the second book where Aislinn and Kieran are trying to stop the destruction of the world which is on the day of Halloween or otherwise known as Samhein. Zane’s character gets important and fun in this book and its fun to read. The end scene is really good and well written and you actually feel the aftermath of the whole thing as a reader.

Overall, this was a great series to read and I really liked the paranormal and fantasy mix. If you’ll are lookimg for a new series to read, this would be a great series for all the fantasy/paranormal/romance lovers out there!



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