Top Ten Tuesdays

TTT|| Movies and TV Shows I love(d)

Hii Guys! Happy Tuesday. Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is the Binge worthy tv shows and movies. I have started binging shows and movies only since the past two years so I wouldn’t say I see a lot of it. But I am going to try listing the ones which I loved watching or the ones I am always watching.

So here’s the list:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( one of my favourites which I am always rewatching)

Modern Family

Black Mirror

Sex and the City ( only for 18+)

Friends (Obviously!!)

Game of thrones


Stranger Things


To all the boys I’ve loved before ( If you haven’t watched this one, do so now!!)

Wonder Woman

MCU movies ( I suggest starting from Iron Man all the way to Infinity War for super fun)


Dead Poets Society

I would also suggest watching new Netflix originals like Set it Up, Alex Strangelove, Ali’s wedding which are really cool movies as well. There are obviously more movies which I may have missed but these are some which I love watching either on TV or Netflix.

Which are your favourite TV shows and movies ? Do we have any common ? Let’s talk 😀


3 thoughts on “TTT|| Movies and TV Shows I love(d)

  1. I love Brooklyn nine nine so much. I just finished rewatching it 😂 so excited for the next season 😊
    Friends is a classic that I absolutely adore. And game of thrones is so good as well– I have no idea how it is going to end though. Very scared 😂 I just watched strangers things and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    To all the boys I’ve loved before is great and Lara Jean is adorable. I hope they do a sequel. 😊
    Adore the MCU and I can’t believe with have to wait until next year for the sequel to infinity war. It will probably break my heart but I can’t wait 😂

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