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Hii Guys!! Hope you’ll had a great week. I saw this super fun tag at the Nut Free Nerd and seeing her wonderful answers made me want to do this tag as well. Goodreads is my fave bookish platforms and I loved doing this tag just as much.

What was the last book you marked as “read” ?

A darker shade of magic by V.E.Schwab

I read this book which is the first in the trilogy Shades of Magic and I loved it so much !!

What are you currently reading? 

Gathering of Shadows by V.E.Schwabb 

It is the second book in the Shades of Magic trilogy.

What was the last book you added to your TBR Shelf?

Legendary by Stephanie Garber and Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

All of you know that Legendary is one of my most anticipated books of this year and I can’t wait to read it. Pachinko is a book I came across whose synopsis intrigued me so I can’t wait to read it!

What book do you plan to read next ?

This is difficult to choose!! There are so many books I want to read. Some of them are: The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, The Handmaid’s Tail by Maragret Atwood. ( Which book do you think I should read next?)

Do you use the star rating system? 

Yes, I do. I use them as follows:

  • 5 stars- Absolutely flawless, loved it a lot!
    4 stars-Loved it !
  • 3 stars- Liked it!
  • 2 stars-Meh.
  • 1 star-Just nope.

Are you doing a 2018 reading reading challenge?

Yes!! My goal is to read 25 books this year and I have read 13. It is a slow reading year for me but hopefully I can read so many more books in the upcoming months!

Do you have a wish list?

Not really! If I keep a wish list for books, it would be never ending. I am trying to buy less books recently, so no books in mind right now. ( Except Legendary)

What book do you plan to buy next?

I don’t have any in mind except Legendary by Stephanie Garber.

Do you have any favourite quotes?

MANY MANY!! There are so many great quotes out there but one of my all time  favourite one is – ” Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light”

Who are your favourite authors?

A lot, obviously. But some of them are- J.K.Rowling, Khaled Hosseini, Sarah J Mass, Jane Austen, Dan Brown, John Green..

Have you joined any groups?

Yes, quite a few actually. I try to keep up but I can’t always read the same books. I love being in various book clubs on Goodreads though.

I Tag:

Everyone and anyone who wants to do the tag. Tag me so that I can see all your wonderful answers as well!!

What are your answers to these ? Do any of our ideas and thoughts match? Do you like Goodreads? Let me know in the comments sections below!




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