Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Books For Mystery Lovers

Hi Guys and a happy Tuesday !! I am  doing The TTT from The Broke And Bookish. The topic I took for today was the Top Ten Books For Mystery Lovers. Mystery is one of my favourite genres because they are just so fun and thrilling. So these are the top ten books(in no particular order) every Mystery Lover must check out:

1.Catch Me- Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner is one of my absolutely favourite mystery authors. Her books are so gripping and thrilling. They are known for their amazing plot twists. Catch Me is an amazing book you must read to enjoy the suspense and thriller of it.

2.The Girl Who Disappeared Twice- Andrea Kane

Anothe one of my favourites, this book is pure mystery and one of the best of its kind. I enjoyed this book too much and if you haven’t read this book yet do it so ASAP!

3.The Doomsday Conspiracy- Sidney Sheldon

I read this one recently and I loved it immensely. It was so beautifully written and keeps you hooked on it till the end.

4.Inferno- Dan Brown

I love every Dan Brown book a lot and Inferno tops them all. It is an amazing book with such good Mystery, thriller and suspense. Dan Brown books are a must read for all.

5.Say Goodbye-Lisa Gardner

Another Lisa Gardner but I just love her books so much ! This book which is equally good and amazing and the kind which leaves you feeling WOW in the end.

6.Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn

I think we all know this one because who hasnt heard of this beauty ?! Gone Girl is an amazing thriller and a must read if you havent read it already.

7.The Night Circus-Erin Morgenstern

This book is not primarily a Mystery novel but it has an element of it which I loved a lot about the book. This is one of my favourite books and a treat for every fantasy and mystery lover.

8.Agatha Christie Books

There are just so many Agatha Christie books I have read that I couldn’t just name one. Every one of her books are just amazing.

9. The Girl on The TrainPaula Hawkins

This books is just perfect and I love it so much. You should really give this book a read if you love mystery because this book does not disappoint.

10.The Famous FiveEnid Blyton

Everyone of us knows these amazing books I think. I grew up reading them and I think they are really really good mystery books everyone should read. 

Apart from these there are authors such as James Patterson and Jeffery Archer who are equally Splendid. 

So this brings me to the end of the post. Hope you’ll liked it. Tell me about your favourite mystery novels and if you love any of the same books as me then let me know in the comments below. I would love to know!

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