Review|| Privileged by Carrie Aarons

Synopsis: In a world of wealth and power, the rules of love and war are nothing as they seem. Nora Randolph never wanted a life of luxury. But when her mother falls in love with the heir of the British Throne, their lives are uprooted and and every girl’s fantasy becomes her real life. All too quickly she learns the dangers of running in circles with the world’s elite especially when she attracts the attention of Winston Academy’s resident gold boy.

Asher Frederick has known nothing but favour and fortune. But tragic childhood loss redirects his course and revenge has been boiling his blood for years. When innocent and unaware Nora lands in his path, its as if the universe hands him the ammunition to finally drag his enemy through the mud. As Nora’s immersion in the upper club deepens , she struggles to keep the secret she’s been guarding for eighteen years. Will either of them survive the consequences that come crashing down on their heads ?


Review: The story of Nora and Asher is a cute, funny and sensual love story. When I started this book I knew it would be a cliched book but the different thing about this one is that its really really well written. It doesn’t drag or bore you in any way.

The story is a really well thought one and with a lot of fun and cute moments. The story makes you smile and leaves you with a good feeling.

Nora’s character is smart and sassy and Asher is the typical bad boy and I really loved them. The other add on characters were fun and quirky and it makes the story more fun.

Not to reveal much, it was a light and fun read with love, friendship, heartbreak, family and the perfect amount of cute moments.

If you’re looking for a good read to make you feel happy and positive then this book is for you. Have you read this book? What were your thoughts? What are your favourite contemporary romances? Let me know in the comments section below!!

This brings me to the end of the review. Hope you’ll enjoyed it. You can subscribe via email/wordpress to get notified about my new posts.



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