Review|| The Doomsday Conspiracy-Sidney Sheldon

Synopsis: When a mysterious weather balloon crashes to earth in the Swiss Alps, the head of the NSA handpicks Robert Bellamy to track down and identify the ten known witnesses to the event. As Bellamy faces the impossible, he searches for clues from Rome to Budapest to Texas, this mission blows up in his face-and rips the lid off an incredible conspiracy that stretches around the globe and into space…

Alone and betrayed on every side, Bellamy must run for his life-holding an astonishing secret and they key to the planet’s very survival.

Ratings:4/5 ⭐️

Review: It was after a long time that I picked up a mystery thriller and I was not disappointed. The Doomsday Conspiracy is a suspense written beautifully by Sidney Sheldon. This book made me fall in love with thrillers all over again. It made me realise why it is one of my favourite genre.

The book starts out with the task given to Robert to find out the   witnesses. The search is intriguing and smart- it gives you a kind of happy satisfaction. The suspense,the drama and the plot twist-OH THE PLOT TWIST was mind blowing. The book and the characters all keep you hooked. I think it was an amazing mystery book. It makes me want to read more Sidney Sheldon books. (So if any recommendations then please let me know😇💕)

Overall, if you are searching for a book with a edge of the seat mystery or if you want to come out of a book slump then this book is perfect for you👌🏻

If you have any suggestions or questions you can let me know in the comments 🌸

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