The Lunar Chronicles

Synopsis: Cinder is a gifted mechanic in New Bejing and also a cyborg.She is reviled by her stepmother and stepsisters. Her life gets entwined by Prince Kai and Cinder is caught between duty and freedom and she must uncover her mysterious past in order to save Earth.

Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. The only person she can turn to is Wolf who is a street fighter she does not trust. Meanwhile,Cinder is now a fugitive on the run from Queen Levana. As Scarlet and Wolf expose one mystery they encounter Cinder and unravel a new one. Queen Levana will stop at nothing to make Kai her husband..

Cress grew up as a prisoner and with only netscreens for company. She does the bidding for the evil Queen Levana and she has to track down Cinder and Kai. As paths cross and the price of freedom rises happily ever aftee has never seemed far away for Cinder,Scarlet and Cress.

Winter is admired for her beauty,grace and kindnesss and she is said to be more breath taking than her stepmother Levana..When she develops feelings for her guard Jacin she fears Levana will crush the romance before it can even begin. Together with Cinder and her allies she can launch a revolution and win a war thats been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder,Scarlet,Cress and Winter claim their happily ever after once and for all?

Review: The Lunar Chronicles has hands-down become one of my favourite series. I had thought that this series is going to be like a fairytale cliche but it was far from it.It was perfection. The characters each and every one of them were so good and extremely admirable. Cinder happens to be my favourite book in the series followed by Winter. The other books are no doubt amazing but I just liked the content in these two more interesting. The plot,the mystery,the suspense it was breath taking. There are parts in the series where you will have to put your book down take a breath and just admire the beauty of this series. I absolutely loved this series. Prince Kai is my favourite male protagonist because he is just so strong,brave,selfless,loyal and admirable. Marissa Meyer is an absolute amazing author and I am in awe of her and her writing.

I suggest you read this series already if you haven’t because its amazing❣ 

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