The Girl Who Disappeared Twice- Andrea Kane

The girl who disappeared twice by Andrea Kane is a mystery masterpiece. Andrea Kane is a skilled writer who juggles the elements of suspense and romance extremely well. The book will have you on the edge of the seat the whole time. There will not be a time you will get bored or lose interest… Continue reading The Girl Who Disappeared Twice- Andrea Kane


Message in a Bottle-Nicholas Sparks

The first thought which comes to your mind when you see Nicholas Sparks is that its going to be a romance novel. This book is just another one of his romance masterpieces. This book is beautiful and anyone who is a sucker for romances is going to love this book. The characters are amazing and… Continue reading Message in a Bottle-Nicholas Sparks


Say Goodbye – Lisa Gardener

Say Goodbye is one of the best mystery-thriller I have ever read. Lisa Gardener is an artist for writing these so beautifully. This heart stopping suspense book is an absolute masterpiece. It is a terrific psychological thriller which will hold your attention right from the first page and will not let you put this book… Continue reading Say Goodbye – Lisa Gardener